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J. Becker - "Your crew worked in a professional and timely manner."

H. Hull - "Every aspect of your company was great! Our salesperson was outstanding in every way!"

P. Nolen - "The company was very prompt and professional."

B. Peterson - "I was pleased working with Integrity and how they explained all the procedures."

A. Leach - "When your company said they would be done at 1:00, it was done."

Frequently asked questions

How much damage do I need to have a claim?

Not much actually. Marble size hail can cause a lot of damage if it falls hard and for a long time.

My roof/siding is so old they won’t possibly pay enough to replace it, will they?

Insurance policies are written for replacement cost. Old roofs and siding are just as insured as new roofs and siding. In fact the older your roof and siding are the more susceptible to damage they are.

How does the claim payout work?

When your claim is approved the insurance company issues payment to you, and your mortgage company. If your home is paid for than they’ll omit the mortgage company. We accept the initial insurance payment as a deposit for the repairs and bill your insurance company for the balance. Your expense is limited to your deductible unless you add upgrades to your job.

Why does your company provide this service for free? What’s the catch?

There is no catch! This is what we do as a professional independent insurance restoration contractor. In return for the professional estimating and damage inspection services all we ask is that you allow us to make the majority of the repairs for the amounts that we get your insurance company to agree to. The better a job we do inspecting for damage and presenting a professional insurance estimate the larger a repair job we will have earned. You’ll get excellent repairs and we’ll make a fair profit. It’s win-win!

Is this an insurance scam?

No. An insurance scam is when someone intentionally damages or burns down their property for the purpose of filing a claim and getting financial gain from a crime. If we discover that someone has intentionally damaged their property we can’t help them with a claim. Storm damage claims are legitimate, even if the damage is minimal.

My premiums might go up if I file a claim. Would they cancel my policy?

If you have a “no claims” discount it may be disallowed. We have yet to see a policy cancelled because of storm damage claims.

Integrity knows the frustration and stress associated with filing and processing insurance claims for storm damage. Let us handle the frustration of dealing with adjusters and damage inspections. We will keep you informed every step of the way and document every part of the claim process for your records.

As with any roofing company, you can call and get one or two customers individual experience. However we would like to offer you something that 99% of roofing contractors can’t the recommendation of the top shingle manufacturers in the nation!
 These are the company’s that design the roofing systems and manufacture the roofing products. They are the authority in the roofing industry. They have done the research on our company: they have contacted our customers, tested our roofing knowledge, and verified our insurance 
 as well as issued exams to our crews. They have completed research that even the most discriminating homeowner would appreciate. After their extensive testing and years of scrutiny, we are recognized as being in the top 1% of roofing companies in the nation! These manufacturers are so sure of us they allow us to put their name and reputation out there for your peace of mind!
Why should you choose a Preferred Roofing Contractor because their credentials represent the highest standard of excellence, quality and knowledge in the shingle industry?

The people that know the most about the roofing trust Integrity Roofing and Exteriors

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J. Ridgeway - "I loved that Integrity did what they said they would do. The salesperson explained everything to me very clearly.

H. Gaines- “Integrity added the personal touch! The workers even offered me a sandwich when they took a lunch break."

R. Durbin - "I loved how that Integrity took the time to clean up the yard."

J. Herries - "Integrity was in and out in one day!"

D. Rich - "They did what they said they would do, and they did it on time."

Brookstone Estates - "We were pleased with how courteous the workers were to our residents. Our sales person was great to work with."

B. Peterson - "I was pleased working with Integrity and how they explained all the procedures."

A. Leach - "When your company said they would be done at 1:00, it was done."

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